Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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Sometimes (almost the times), when i wearing the 'keparat' (corporate) shit cloths and go for some 'business' matter at the several agencies... everyone will look up on me and keep asking
my problem before i start to open my mouth ... but when i wearing as a simple guy or 'selekeh' ... they will see me like i am some kind of alien from outer space or some beggars that want to steal their money... Kinda tired with this fucking bias situation... but hell, that what people really are... so have a smile :)

NMA: Normal thought and normal view nowadays... :)


  1. absolutely true..normal thought and normal view nowadays..huhuuu

    1. lumrah hidup... penat dgn karenah birokrasi yg menjadi2 skrg... kena pakai kabel utk buat mempercepatkn urusan... ini x adil :)